Do you know where you are going?

We constantly hear the maxim that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. But being a small or medium-sized not-for-profit organization with limited staff and a heavy reliance on volunteers, there is barely enough time to fulfill your core requirement – meeting the needs of your clients and community. Where will you find the time to plan? That’s where AC Communications & Consulting comes in.

We will help you develop a customized plan that will provide you with a roadmap on how to achieve your goals, including easy steps to help you put your plan into action. We will:

  • conduct market research so you can better understand who your clients are and what services they need
  • develop strategic and tactical plans to help you focus on your core operations
  • write grant proposals, targeted to funders whose objectives are aligned with yours
  • create marketing & communications programs, both internally and externally
  • develop public relations plans
  • create fund development plans and fundraising initiatives
  • write & edit brochures, newsletters, flyers, reports, news releases, etc.
  • manage website content
  • recommend the most effective social media platforms to help increase traffic to your organization
  • develop monitoring and measurement tools to track your progress
  • facilitate meetings and planning sessions on various topics pertinent to your organization
  • organize and present workshops/seminars on board governance, leadership and management
  • bring attention to external changes that can affect your organization